Bruce Jenner's Diane Sawyer Interview: 7 Bombshells to Look For

It's finally here, everyone! Bruce Jenner will sit down with Diane Sawyer and talk about his transition into a woman. Yep, this isn't some apocryphal tale like giant rats in the sewer, this is actually happening! In fact, it will air April 24 on ABC and I don't know about you, but I will totally be tuning in. Here's some bombshells we can (reportedly) expect from the sitdown:


Crying game. Bruce will reportedly cry during the interview when he talks about how hard this has been for him and his family -- and the crying scenes will be used in promos.

Breast implants. Apparently these are real and they're spectacular.

New name. Whether it's Belinda, Brigitte, or something else with a B (you know it's gotta be with a B), Bruce will reveal his new name.

He always knew. Bruce will apparently discuss how he knew he was female from the age of 5. It's so strange to think that while Bruce was being hailed as the ultimate man on a Wheaties box, he really was a woman.

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Wait, forget that new name. TMZ says he won't reveal that after all. Boo!

Dude won't dress like a lady. TMZ says he will be dressed like a man during the interview. Hmm. I do hope we get to see him as a woman, but I guess he'll do that when he's ready.

The Kardashian/Jenners. Bruce will spend a significant amount of time talking about how his decision has affected all of many, many children.

Well, this sounds like it will be fascinating -- Bruce is certainly very brave to do this so publicly so that he can give courage to others in his position.

Will you watch?

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