Kristen Stewart's Reaction to Robert Pattinson's Engagement Is Totally Surprising

Kristen StewartDon't you hate it when you date someone for years and then he or she quickly marries the very next person who comes along? Yeah, many of us have had that happen -- and now Kristen Stewart can join our pity party. Rumor has it that KStew is not taking her ex Robert Pattinson's lickety-split engagement to FKA Twigs well at all. In fact, she is p.o.'d!


A source told RadarOnline:

She is really pissed off over Rob getting engaged to FKA Twigs after knowing her for only a couple of months ... Kristen was with Rob for several years and he never gave her the option of marriage. Every time she tried to bring it up he would always shoot her down and say he was not ready. The fact that he was all of a sudden ready just really annoys her.

Ugh, who can blame her? Whether or not she still has feelings for Rob, that's not the point. The point is that he chose someone else over her! Such a bummer. But KStew supposedly thinks maybe it's all just to get back at her anyway. A source says:

She really wonders if part of the reason he got involved with FKA Twigs so quickly is to get back at her.

Yep, see? Just like I said.

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Well, there is no doubt that Rob moved like lightning with Twiggy, and that does kind of smell like a rebound. On the other hand, maybe he just was ready -- he's 28 now -- and he didn't want to waste time. Besides, did KStew really think marriage was in the cards after that cheating scandal?

Still, I would have thought KStew would be totally over RPattz by now -- I mean, it has been a couple of years. Perhaps you never forget your first true great love.

Let's hope this rumor isn't true and that Kristen is fine -- either with Alicia Cargile, or someone else, or no one. Obviously, they were not meant to be or they would be together, and KStew deserves happiness.

Do you think KStew is really devastated?

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