Bruce Jenner's Odd Outfit May Confirm Recent Surgery

Bruce JennerAre those rumors of Bruce Jenner getting breast enhancement surgery true? Judging by his recent choice of clothing, could be. Bruce was photographed hiking in Malibu, California, and he was wearing an enormous hoodie that covered up most of his upper torso.


TMZ posted photos of the Jenner dad, who is generally believed to be transitioning into a woman, hiking in a giant, loose hoodie, much too large for him, that covered up his chest. Could be that he really did get a breast job, as was reported, and he's covering it up. Reports had earlier said he got medium sized boobs as he didn't want anything too distracting and ginorous -- so, no Kim Kardashian boobs for Bruce!

TMZ also says he was sporting red fingernail polish -- something we've seen Bruce wearing before. TMZ also says that Bruce's interview with Diane Sawyer is finished, so when that runs (supposedly this month) I guess we'll know the entire story.

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Perhaps Bruce didn't want anyone to see his new breasts yet because he wants to fully reveal himself on Diane Sawyer -- but we've also read he is waiting to make his debut as a woman on Dancing with the Stars. Either way, it's clear he's keeping everything hush hush until he's ready to come out as a female.

Do you think he got breast surgery?

Image via Michael Buckner/Getty Images Entertainment

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