Kylie Jenner May Have Worn 'Blackface' in Latest Photo

Kylie Jenner recently posed for a series of photos that make her look nothing at all like Kylie Jenner—and I meant that in the best possible way. The makeup artist who worked on her shoot is a total genius who used dark sparkles on her face and transformed her into the most gorgeous alien we've ever seen. But, instead of seeing a futuristic beauty, some have accused Kylie of wearing blackface.


Kylie is super proud of this image and has even said this is exactly how she would like to look in real life—a blue-eyed, pink-haired, glimmer glam girl. When I look at this photo, I see '70s disco, a sexy robot, and the product of one hell of a makeup artist:

But others are leaving her comments that suggest she was clueless for allowing herself to be photographed wearing dark makeup.

One Instagram user named Veraportfors wrote: "a 'double standard' regarding racism does not exist. White people will never be victims of structural racism. Doing black face, that has deep historical roots and contributed to the suffering of poc for centuries, can simply not be compared to a black girl with blonde hair 'trying to be white.'"

Her followers engaged in a heated debate, with just as many people defending Kylie and insisting this photo is not racist.

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If this was really an example of blackface, I agree that it shouldn't be taken lightly. But people are trying really hard to find a reason to be offended by this photo, when it's nothing more than shimmery makeup and black and neon lights.

Here she is again from a different angle—clearly, the makeup on her face is not black:

Say what you will about the Kardashian/Jenner family, they have never proven themselves to be racist and this is certainly not an example of anything other than a teen model posing for photos after being styled by a very creative team of artists.

Do you think these photos are inappropriate?


Images via kyliejenner/Instagram



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