Kim Kardashian Goes to Extremes to Make Easter Special for North West (PHOTO)

I don't care how many haters Kim Kardashian has, there is little chance any of them will be able to find anything wrong with her (or her mommy skills) after seeing how she is planning to surprise North West on Easter morning. Judging by the Kardashian/Jenner clan's out-there Christmas cards and elaborate holiday meals, we shouldn't be surprised to learn they take Easter just as seriously. But Kim's late-night Easter prep is beyond anything we've ever seen.


Kim recently posted a photo to Instagram that gave us a rare glimpse at her behind-the-scenes life. She isn't posing or showing off her body or million-dollar wardrobe—she's just being a mom ... okay, fine, a mom with an extremely handsome Easter candy budget:

Easter prep! ����

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Chocolate, Peeps, egg dye, fake flowers, a million bottles of glue and paint—is she supplying the entire neighborhood with Easter goodies? Maybe, given the fact that Kourtney has her hands full with Reign, she has also taken on Aunt duties and is making baskets for Mason and Penelope, as well? Because that would be super sweet.

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I have to say, as a mom and someone who grew up with a Christmas-crazy mom of her own, I have to push myself to get into the Easter festivities because they seem ... forced. For some reason, I find a big, jolly man descending chimneys a more plausible story than that of a creepy, monster Easter bunny delivering marshmallow chocolates to good little boys and girls.

But what counts here is that Kim is obviously as hands-on a mommy as one can be when she is also fortunate enough to have the kind of wealth and privilege that buys you a lot of good help.

I'm sure some will criticize her for wasting money on junk food or for not understanding the true meaning of the holiday, but I'd like to go on the record as saying I think this is a sweet mommy moment. Nothing more or less.

Do you think Kim's Easter prep is extreme?


Image via kimkardashian/Instagram

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