Kardashian Family Stages Intervention for Rob Over Fears He Will 'Die' (VIDEO)

Rob Kardashian's "troubles" have become a major plot point on KUWTK this season -- and no wonder Rob is pissed about it. There seems to be nothing sacred as Kris Jenner pulls in a specialist to do some kind of intervention on Rob, and sobs in front of him and the rest of the family, saying she's worried that Rob is going to die.


Kris tells the unnamed specialist:

If I don't help him do something drastic, he's going to die. I'm just waiting for this horrible thing to happen and there's nothing we can do about it.

The interventionist or whatever he is sits down with Kris, Kim, and Kourtney to discuss what they can do for Rob -- but Khloe is absent. Kris explains that Khloe is "protective" of Rob, which might be code for Khloe wasn't down with Rob's problems being fodder for the TV show.

A montage of Rob appears as he looked in times past -- skinny, athletic, and healthy. Rob was on the track team, Rob was on the basketball team, Rob almost won Dancing with the Stars.

Honestly, there is something kind of creepy about your family handing over photos of you when you looked much better to producers and then saying how crappy you look now -- all on camera. But I guess that is what all of them signed up for years ago. But did Rob? What else could he have done? He has the right to change his mind and not want to be a part of the show -- and he has the right to ask that his issues remain private.

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I don't think Kris would care though. She does seem genuinely upset by Rob's plight -- I can't ever recall her crying before -- but she is a businessperson above all else. Hopefully, Rob will get it together for himself, not his family.

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