Where Robert Pattinson & FKA Twigs Are Getting Married May Win Over the Haters

Robert PattinsonNow that Robert Pattinson is reportedly engaged to singer FKA Twigs, more details about the (alleged) nuptials are beginning to leak to the press, and some of them are downright bizarre. First, we heard that the pair actually got engaged a couple of months ago, which means they got engaged almost as soon as they clapped eyes on each other. Can you say rebound?


We also heard that RPattz bought Twigs a 6-carat diamond ring -- though no one has seen her wear it yet. I guess that is so they could keep the engagement secret (up until T-Pain spilled the beans -- I bet he is NOT getting an invite!).

But now comes the weirdest news yet. Apparently Twiggy and Rob don't want some kind of big formal wedding, which would make sense as both of them have a very boho chic (ie homeless) look about them.

However, who would think they'd go this far? People magazine says that Twiggy wants "something quite informal, like a pub wedding." Wow, a pub wedding -- that would be a wedding in a bar, for all you Americans who have no idea what a "pub" is. That's pretty informal!

I have to had it to Rob, he does seem to pick low maintenance type girls. I could see Kristen wanting a pub wedding too. Though I could see Kristen wearing jeans and high tops to the ceremony, while I suspect Twigs will at least throw on something long and flowy. I imagine there will be an Arsenal game on in the background.

Imagine that, jealous haters are calling Twiggy a "gold-digger" but girlfriend just wants to get married over a few pints! Rethinking your stance on her supposed "gold-digging" ways, hatahs?

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I've always felt that those who insist on a huge expensive wedding were trying to make up for something lacking in their relationship, so perhaps this news means these two kids are really, truly, madly in love.

Sorry, Kristen fans.


Image via KCS Press/Splash News

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