Kourtney Kardashian & Scott Disick Fighting Over Baby Reign Already

Fans were aflutter when Kourtney Kardashian released the first picture of baby Reign Aston Disick on social media -- what a great way to thank the fans, after all. This allowed them to see baby Reign without having to plonk down money for a magazine. But Scott was reportedly not happy with Kourt giving away the squalling new money machine for free.


A source told RadarOnline:

Kourtney changed her mind and told Scott that she did not want to go with a tabloid because she felt like it was 'selling her children.' Scott looks at everything like a business deal and is always looking for ways to cash in.

Hm, I suppose neither one of them considered a compromise? Say, selling the photo for money and then giving half to charity and putting half in Scott's pocket? Erm, yeah, I guess no one thought of that.

RadarOnline says that $1 million is just chump change to Kourt, so she would never sell pics of her baby for that -- not that she could ever get that, but okay.

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Wow, do Kourt and Scott agree on anything these days? I guess it's hard to agree when one party has so much more money than the other. (I'll let you guess who that is.)

Baby's first year is always the hardest, but c'mon, guys. It's only been a few months! And, Scott, go out and sell some more cars if you need money.

Do you agree with how they introduced Reign to the world?

Image via Photo Image Press / Splash News

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