Michelle Obama's 'Dance Moves' on 'Jimmy Fallon' Are Even Funnier This Time Around (VIDEO)

Jimmy Fallon Michelle ObamaWas it only a couple of years ago that Jimmy Fallon and First Lady Michelle Obama demonstrated for us how "mom dancing" has evolved (or should we say "devolved") over the years? Why yes, yes, it was. Which means it's time for "The Evolution of Mom Dancing Part 2."


Jimmy and the FLOTUS show us how it's done while wearing their pink cardigans from Talbots (guessing) and their sensible slacks and shoes. As always, Jimmy makes an attractive woman, and Michelle shows us she's got the best sense of humor of any First Lady we've ever seen. Check it out:

Favorites? I'd have to go with "Getting a Plastic Bag from Your Collection of Plastic Bags Under the Sink" or maybe "One Move Behind in Zumba Class." Yes, there really is nothing quite like mom dancing to embarrass the hell out of you -- that's why mom is only allowed to do it in the living room. When no one else is home.

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What is it that makes women who have given birth dance so badly when, as non-moms, they probably still had some groove? I'll leave that eternal mystery to the scientists.

Do you dance like a mom?

Image via Late Show with Jimmy Fallon/YouTube

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