Rob Kardashian's 'Disappearance' Proves He's Worse Off Than We Thought

Rob KardashianThere's no doubt that things aren't good with Rob Kardashian lately, but who knew they were this out of control? Reportedly, Rob actually went missing for several days, and the family came close to calling police.


A source tells RadarOnline that when Khloe couldn't reach Rob for 24 hours, she called Kris, who also couldn't reach him. They then had friends drive by his condo, but he wasn't there either. The source says:

Khloe thought they needed to call the police and file a missing persons report, but Kris didn’t think that was necessary. She thought Rob would get very angry that the cops were called, and it would have created a media circus.

Well, Kris was right that it would create a media circus, but jeez, who cares when your son is missing? If Rob didn't want a media circus, then he shouldn't go missing. At least send a text to Khloe saying you're alive. Considering that Rob also posted a photo of Rosamund Pike from Gone Girl on Instagram and compared her to Kim, you have to wonder if Rob was having his own little Gone Boy moment.

Friends tell Star magazine the reason that Rob has been so down lately is actually because of his family's success, and that he feels completely left out of it. He is also sick of Kim telling him to shape up and get a job. And he's supposedly mad at Kris for treating her family like a business instead of a family.

Sources say all he wants to do is hide out and be away from his family right now.

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You know, maybe Rob doesn't need counseling, maybe he does just need to stay away from his family for awhile if they are bugging him that much. There's no law that says you have to be around your family if they are sabotaging your mental health.

But running off and disappearing from the ones you love -- and Rob is at least still close to Khloe -- is not the way to handle things. If Rob needs to get away from them, that's fine, but he should at least let them know he's alive.

What can help Rob?

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