Details on Robert Pattinson's Engagement Contain Major Surprises

Robert PattinsonI know we're all still in shock that Robert Pattinson is reportedly engaged to girlfriend FKA Twigs, and we're all still wondering if this is some kind of April Fool's prank, but RadarOnline is swearing its real, and even has all the details of the upcoming nuptials. Can you handle it, Twihards? Here goes ...


Friends are telling RadarOnline that the couple, who have only been dating for five months, have actually been engaged for half of that! What? That's cray cray. A source told the gossip site:

They’ve secretly been engaged for a couple months. Their friends knew, but kept it quiet.

Except for rapper T-Pain! He couldn't keep quiet. Thanks a lot, T-Pain!

But friends say Rob is absolutely smitten, and that he even bought her a 6-carat diamond ring. If true, we should see pics of this soon enough. I mean, she might as well wear it now that the engagement's out of the bag.

The blabby pal also tells the site that Rob lives in Los Angeles and FKA in London, but that she will relocate. Oh-oh. You know what that means, dontcha? That means that there's a decent chance that Rob and his new love could easily run into Kristen -- say, at the Los Feliz organic grocery store, or some West Hollywood coffee shop, or a party in the hills. I'm just sayin,', it could happen. But since Kristen is supposely "married" to Alicia Cargile now, I don't think she'll care. But could be awkward. Or maybe not!

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Reportedly, there is no rush on the wedding, and won't happen until next year. Which gives them plenty of time to change their minds.

Juuuuuust kidding. I'm sure those two are made for each other. While they haven't been dating that long, friends say that RPatz knew pretty much right away. A pal told People mag:

He wants to marry her. They are inseparable when they are together. They live at his house.

Well, this is definitely the end of an era for those who still held out hope that Robsten would end up walking down the aisle. I guess it's time for those in Robsten camp to concede that at this point it's looking very unlikely to happen. But what's important is that both Rob and Kristen are happy -- separately. Right?

Do you think they're really getting married?

Image via JosiahW / Splash News

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