​Kate Middleton's Baby Won't Meet Key Family Member After Birth

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I can imagine that, when you're a royal, it can get tricky to coordinate things with other family members, being that everyone is, you know, super busy doing royal things and all. Such is the case with Kate Middleton's birth. According to reports, Prince Harry may miss the birth of the Duke and Duchess' second child because of a rather important previous engagement. 


On Monday, Prince Harry is set to start his month-long stint with the Australian army. The spare to the heir will be in Sydney, Darwin, and Perth for a few weeks, and from there he'll travel to Turkey on April 24 to meet Prince Charles for Gallipoli commemorations. Being that the Duchess' due date is reportedly "mid April," it's likely that Harry won't meet his niece or nephew until they're a few weeks old.

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Although William and Kate are probably a little disappointed that Uncle Harry won't meet the newest member of the royal family right away, surely, they understand. And, conversely, Harry likely is sad that he won't get to meet the baby right away. But, such is the life of a royal, right?

After Kate gives birth, it's probably going to be a mad house at the hospital. Obviously, both sides of the family will want to visit right away and get a quick sneak peek and a snuggle with the baby. So, maybe it's a good thing that there will be one less person there. And, then when Harry does visit, it'll be extra special -- especially if he comes bearing a mini stuffed koala from Down Under.

Do you think Harry missing the birth is a big deal?


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