Bruce Jenner Reportedly Facing Wrongful Death Suit After Car Crash

Bruce JennerIt looks like Bruce Jenner will soon have far more on his mind than his transition into a woman. TMZ reports that the stepchildren of the woman killed when Bruce crashed into her car last month are gearing up to sue the reality show dad for a lot of cash -- despite the fact that they had virtually no relationship with her.


The woman, Kim Howe, 69, was reportedly driving on the Pacific Coast Highway in Los Angeles when Bruce rammed into her car, sending her careening into oncoming traffic, and killing her. It's uncertain yet what may have caused the accident, reports have said that Bruce was not texting or anything else than may have impaired his driving. Perhaps he just had other things on his mind than what was on the road!

TMZ says that Howe was a very wealthy woman -- only her stepkids do not inherit any of her assets. She left everything to charity. Wow, she sounds like an amazing woman!

She reportedly has no direct relatives and her husband died years ago. This leaves two adult stepchildren as the only people who could claim anything from a wrongful death suit. Far be it for them to turn down money, I guess.

Well, this just sucks all the way around. Bruce obviously didn't mean to kill the woman, and is devastated by what happened.

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But the kids? If TMZ is correct about their relationship with her, then there was no relationship. Why should they benefit from her death? What will they sue for? How can they sue for loss of income or emotional distress or the usual jazz if they weren't even in her life?

Doesn't seem right -- yet this is pretty standard operating procedure. Welcome to America, where there is no such thing as an accident when there are lawyers involved.

Should they sue?

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