​Kim Kardashian's Second Pregnancy Already Sounds Terrifying

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The struggle is real. Kim Kardashian's fertility struggle, that is. In a new clip for Keeping Up With the Kardashians, Kim reveals that things have taken a serious turn in her quest to get pregnant for the second time. Apparently, if Kim were to get pregnant again, it would be incredibly risky. So risky, in fact, that it could result in the removal of her uterus. Ugh, poor woman.


In a clip for an upcoming episode of KUWTK, Kim says, "I spoke to Kanye about what our next plan should be and there’s one more procedure that I can do that would potentially make it easier for me to get pregnant." Kim then reveals to Khloe that she's "so annoyed" that her kids are going to be "so many years apart."

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Kim also apparently saw a doctor who told her that if she does get pregnant again, it will have to be her last child. Since her placenta grew onto her uterus when she was carrying North, a team of doctors would essentially have to be waiting to remove her uterus after the birth of her second child -- if she's able to have one.

It's no secret that Kim did not enjoy being pregnant the first time around. Unlike her sister Kourtney, who loves carrying babies, Kim was wildly uncomfortable throughout her pregnancy. However, despite her first experience, Kim revealed that there's "nothing in the world" that she wants more right now than to be pregnant.

Hopefully, Kim and Kanye are able to bring another adorable baby into the world. It would be sad, for both them and for North, if they weren't able to. And, more importantly, hopefully everything is okay with Kim and her baby if she does get pregnant. It sounds like things could get pretty scary in the delivery room.

Would you be scared of getting pregnant if you were Kim?


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