Rob Kardashian's Hatred of Kim Kardashian Suddenly Makes Complete Sense (VIDEO)

Kim KardashianRob Kardashian shocked fans and his family when he posted a picture of the psychotic character from Gone Girl, covered in blood, and compared her to his sister, Kim. Good golly, where things really that bad between the siblings? Or was that just Rob's twisted sense of humor? Well, thanks to a new clip from KUWTK, we have a glimpse into why Rob is so bitter about Kim -- she appears to want to take everything away from him, and may have succeeded.


In the clip, Kim sits around with Kris Jenner and Khloe, talking about Rob. Kris says she's not a psychiatrist and has no idea what else she can possibly do for Rob. Kim pipes up and suggests that, contrary to what they have been doing, they should all just go away and leave him alone. Check it out:

Well, I never thought I'd say this, but perhaps Kim is being the voice of reason here. There's only so much you can do for another human being, and then they've got to want to do for themselves. Kim seems to recognize that by babying Rob, giving him personal trainers, chauffeurs, and personal chefs, he's not getting perhaps the one thing he really needs -- his dignity.

While it's true that Rob may have depression or other emotional issues, and that may make him prone to not being able to care for himself, he still has to get to the point where he wants to care for himself, and he's got to do that on his own. Maybe his family needs to say "we're here for you if you need us" but then leave him to his own devices so he can find himself.

Sure, Kim didn't need to call his family's help "pathetic" nor did she have to say that everyone "licks [his] ass" but for once she seems to have the right idea about something.

One can see how Rob found this psychotic though, because it might force him into helping himself.

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Let's hope he does so, because so many people are rooting for him. But he's got to root for himself, too. And let's hope these two repair their relationship -- you know things have gotten bad when it's come to comparing your sister to a murderer. She wants to murder something all right -- Rob's way of life!

Was Kim too mean?

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