Teresa Giudice's First Prison Photos Show Her Looking Very Different (PHOTO)

Teresa GiudiceWe haven't heard from Teresa Giudice for awhile -- namely because, well, she's been in prison. That's a good excuse if there ever was one. But even the clink didn't stop Teresa from posing with her family for the cover of US Magazine, which she must have done between shifts at the laundry, where she now works.


America's toughest real housewife looks quite different on the cover: She's sporting curly locks (no hair irons in prison, I guess), subtle makeup, a faded tan, green prison garb, and a look that says, "I'm totally remorseful." Just kidding about that last part.

Teresa was not able to speak to the press, though she said through her lawyer that she misses her family terribly. However, Joe says the family spends six hour visits with her, so I guess it's not that bad.

He also told US Weekly that Teresa works in the laundry room, and that she has made a tight-knit group of girlfriends in the clink, and that she enjoys getting her nails done. Doesn't sound so bad, does it? Guess we'll hear the full story one of these days. If Teresa wants to sell a book about her experiences, she'll have to come up with something more dramatic.

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Joe also confirmed that he and Teresa are still telling their youngest girl, Audriana, 5, that mommy is at "work." I guess it will be years before she figures out that barred windows and armed guards aren't typical office decor. And what happens when Audriana sees the cover of US Weekly with its huge headline, "Visiting Mom in Prison [Not at Her Office]"?

Any words for Teresa?

Image via TeresaGiudice/Instagram and US Weekly

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