Scott Disick Betrays Kourtney Kardashian Once Again

Scott DisickScott Disick hasn't exactly been on his best behavior lately. Not only did he check into a hospital after suffering alcohol poisoning over the summer, but he reportedly bolted from a rehab clinic in Costa Rica only one day after he checked in! Sorry, but no one gets rehabed that fast. But this behavior was apparently only the tip of the boozeburg down in Costa Rica -- a gossip site claims that Scott checked out of rehab and immediately checked into a nearby watering hold to check out the ladies.


A woman named Camila Garaizabal told Heat magazine that she and her cute friends were sitting in a bar when Scott came in and made a wobbly line for them. She said:

He could barely walk. He had obviously been drinking. He asked me and my friend for our phone numbers.

No word on whether she gave him her number?! Presumably she said no and ran out to sell her tale to a tabloid, but who knows. Also, does Scott have a world phone? How was gonna call these girls in Costa Rica? FaceTime? Skype? Okay, I disgress ...

Now, this rumor could be just that -- rumor. But we've all heard the rumors about Scott's disrepectful behavior before. Look at all the rumors about his drinking -- those turned out to be true. (As for rumors of him schtupping Kendall -- I can't even.)

If Scott is drinking heavily, I find it hard to believe he wouldn't be hitting on women. Sorry, but that's what married guys do when they drink. I've been hit on by enough of them to know. Oh, the sober ones do it too, just sayin'. I'm sure he loves Kourtney, but he's a handsome guy, and rather alpha, and, well, I suspect The Lord not on his tip-top behavior 100 percent of the time.

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Well, we only have Camila's word that this happened, but would anyone be shocked and awed if it did? I don't think so.

Your move, Kourtney. Your move.


Image via letthelordbewithyou/Instagram

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