Kanye West Goes Nuts on Kim Kardashian's Trainer Because He Thinks She's 'Too Big'

Kim KardashianWho is the worst boss in the world? Probably Kanye West, if this scene from KUWTK is any indication. Kim Kardashian, who seems to love Kanye's bullying tendencies, repeats to Khloe a story about how Kanye went all "Imma let you" on her personal trainer, after the hapless woman broke the news to Kim that there's no way she would ever get down to 120 pounds. Apparently Kanye was not down with Kim not getting slimmer.


Kim told Khloe:

Kanye literally went crazy on the trainer today. She was like, 'So what are your goals, tell me everything.' And I was like, 'I need to get down to 120.' She's like, 'There’s no way. I can’t even imagine you 15 pounds lighter.

Well, kudos to the trainer for being honest -- I mean, Kim's butt alone must weigh almost that. But Kanye did not like being told that his honey couldn't become a stick. So he apparently took it out on the trainer like she was Taylor Swift combined with a paparazzo combined with someone telling Kanye his shoes are lame. Kim said:

Kanye's like, 'Wait a minute. You are the trainer and you're telling me you can’t imagine her 15 pounds lighter? We need to get another trainer then because if I tell you she needs to lose weight in between her toe, you would have figured out a f*cking toe weight.

Eww, did you catch that? If I tell you she needs to lose weight ...

So in order words, it's totally Kanye who is running Kim's life, and demanding how much she weigh! I think we all suspected this, but to hear Kim confirm it is just icky! Shouldn't he be the one saying, "Honey, you look great just the way you are"??

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What's Kanye even doing in this conversation? This is between Kim and her trainer. How sad that Kim has infantilized herself for her husband. (Gee, I wonder whose idea the blond hair was!)

I'm sure the trainer knows how to run, so hopefully she ran fast.

Is this proof Kanye is controlling Kim?

Image via Pascal Le Segretain/Getty Images Entertainment

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