Jamie Foxx Mocks Bruce Jenner at Awards Show -- Right in Front of Kylie! (VIDEO)

Jamie FoxxJamie Foxx is in deep doo-doo after he made a joke about Bruce Jenner at the iHeartRadio Awards. Foxx, who was hosting, was accused of being transphobic on Twitter after he made a couple of jokes about Bruce's reported transitioning into a woman. Were the jokes transphobic -- or are people just being overly sensitive?


Here's what Jamie had to say about Bruce:

Hmmmmmmm. Well, I admit, I laughed -- uncomfortably. And considering especially that Bruce's daughter, Kylie, was in the audience, these jokes really do seem crass.

I get it, Jamie is a comedian. Part of being a comedian is being able to say things that might be funny, but can be hurtful or offensive. That's just what comedians do. I would hate to be a comedian these days, because there's pretty much nothing they can say that isn't going to get criticism on some level.

However, unfortunately, these are the kinds of comments that transgender people can't possibly find remotely funny, because they live with them day in and day out. These are the comments thrown at them on the playground, in the workforce, by their family, and online. Comments like this are the reason transgendered people would often rather spend years living a lie than be who they are.

Comments like these are what make transgendered people feel unwelcome and unwanted -- and what can make them depressed, even suicidal.

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So I get that it's Jamie's job to make people laugh and that often means poking fun of people -- but in this case it seems he went for the cheap laugh at the expense of a huge population of transgendered adults and kids who may now feel horrible about themselves because of what he said.

What this just a joke and people should lighten up? Or was it rude and uncalled for?


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