Kate Middleton Isn't Taking Any Chances With Second Baby's Birth

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If there's one thing Kate Middleton is not, it's dumb. She did, after all, bag herself a prince. However, in addition to going from commoner to future Q of E, the Duchess has made an incredibly smart move pertaining to her upcoming birth in April. Evidently, Kate has backup on call in case she can't make it to her regular hospital when she goes into labor. Good move. The last thing the royal family needs is for Kate to give birth on the floors of Kensington Palace. 


I kid. In fact, the back up plan is in case Kate goes into labor when she's at Anmer Hall, her Sandringham Estate home in Norfolk, which is a little ways outside of London. As of now, the Duchess is set to give birth at the same hospital she had Prince George -- St. Mary's -- but if for some reason she can't make it to London in time, hospitals with maternity units close to her country home have been put on alert. We should all be so lucky, huh?

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Apparently, Kate had a similar plan in place the last time. She was spending the last weeks of her pregnancy at home with her mother in Bucklebury, and in the case that she happened to go into labor while there, local hospitals were ready.

Kate's Kensington Palace apartment, which is smack dab in the middle of the hustle and bustle of London, may not be the most comfy or relaxing place for the Duchess, but it's hard to imagine that she won't make it back there a week before her due date, at the very least. She may feel more at ease when she's in the country, but it's doubtful that she'd want to give birth in an unfamiliar place with an unfamiliar doctor.

She's got her bases covered. Like I said, smart woman.

What do you think Kate's due date is?


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