Kate Middleton Makes Telling Joke About Baby's Gender

kate middleton

Who knew?! Apparently, the Duchess of Cambridge is a real jokester, a regular ol' Carrot Top, if you will. Kate Middleton recently joked about being pregnant with a girl to friends. Going off of the old wives' tale that women who are pregnant with girls crave more sweets, the Duchess, who's apparently been eating a lot of chocolate recently, said that if there's any credence to this theory, Prince George will definitely have a little sister come April.


According to sources, the Duchess, not surprisingly, normally doesn't have a penchant for sugary goodness. However, now that she's nearing the end of her pregnancy, she can't get enough! "Prince William has always had a sweet tooth, but Kate has really had sweet cravings during this pregnancy," said an insider. "She could barely keep anything down in the first months of her pregnancy but recently she just cannot get enough of naughty treats."

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Kate was recently spotted buying "a stash of posh Easter eggs" at a trendy London candy shop, and she's also taken to baking up a storm. "She's has become a domestic goddess,' added the source. "She loves baking with George."

If this gossip is to be believed, sounds like Kate really doesn't know whether she's having a boy or a girl. I thought for sure she knew, but just wasn't letting anyone, even the royal family, know. It also sounds like maybe Kate's secretly hoping for a girl -- or at the very least will be surprised if she doesn't have one.

All along, my money's been on the Duchess having a daughter. And if the posh Easter egg stashes are to be believed, it sounds like I'm probably right. Woo-hoo! Bring on the cupcakes, Katie! Your little girl is demanding them!

Do you think Kate is having a girl?

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