Jill Duggar Does Something Selfless While Waiting to Give Birth (PHOTO)

Most women who are about to give birth—who are even four days past their due date, as is the case with Jill Duggar—would not be quick to leave their homes out of fear that their baby will demand to meet the world at any second. But the 23-year-old 19 Kids and Counting star kept busy waiting for her little one by doing something wonderful and selfless.


We know the Duggars are big on performing volunteer work, but no one would fault heavily pregnant Jill if she decided to hibernate at this moment, veg out, and watch movies. After all, she's just days (or hours, minutes, seconds) from giving birth and having her entire universe change on a dime.

But we should have known better. Jill and husband Derick Dillard made their way to a church's thrift shop to clock in a few hours of good work before becoming parents:

One thing is for sure: Jill must be feeling wonderful if she had the energy and desire to work when a lot of women probably just want to be off of their feet. I had two relatively easy pregnancies, but by 36 weeks, I had officially had it. My feet were swollen, my back hurt, I couldn't sleep—but looking back now, had I been a wiser woman, I would have taken a cue from Jill and used my time to do things I probably wouldn't be able to do for at least a few weeks after baby is born.

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So, when is Jill and Derick's little one finally going to arrive?! Derick seems to have a feeling that it will happen TODAY—which is also the couple's one-year anniversary of the day he proposed to Jill.

Stay tuned, guys, because it's bound to happen soon.

What are your thoughts on the way Jill and Derick are spending their last few hours or days before baby?


Image via jillmdillard/Instagram

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