Country Music Fans Demand Radio Stations Stop Playing 'Girl Crush' Because It's 'About Lesbians'

If you want to have a country radio hit, might not want to sing about your girl crush. That's the unfortunate lesson that Little Big Town is learning as their song "Girl Crush" gets pulled from country radio because listeners who not only are homophobic but apparently don't have a lot of listening comprehension complain about the song, which has nothing to do with lesbianism.


Little Big Town's song is about a woman who develops a perverse crush on her ex-boyfriend's new girlfriend -- wanting to kiss her, inhale her perfume, and basically be her, as a way of getting close to her ex.

But so many people seem to think that the song is "promoting the gay agenda" and have called radio stations to complain, that the song is lagging way behind on the radio charts, despite being a big hit on iTunes.

Some lyrics from the song:

I want to taste her lips, yeah cause they taste like you / I want to drown myself in a bottle of her perfume

I want her long blond hair, I want her magic touch / Yeah cause maybe then, you’d want me just as much. . . I got a girl crush

Erm, sounds less provocative than scary. I would not want to be that new girlfriend and run into the old girlfriend in a dark alley. Just sayin'.

One radio DJ said she hadn't received this many complaints about anything since The Dixie Chicks put President Bush on blast. I guess they must not like Katy Perry's "I Kissed a Girl" either.

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The weird thing, of course, is that the song has nothing to do with the "gay agenda," and is, in fact, about a woman who can't get over her heteronormative obsession with a man. Perhaps the song should have come with a label that read, "THIS SONG IS ABOUT A WOMAN WHO CAN'T LIVE WITHOUT A MAN." That would have made it more popular with the country crowd, I guess.

Take a listen. Does this sound like a big ol' lesbian crush to you?


Image via Little Big Town/YouTube

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