Rob Kardashian's Rumored Betrayal of the Family Could Totally Ruin Them

What in the world is going on with Rob Kardashian these days? His behavior has been so off lately that the family reportedly staged an intervention with him earlier this week, and now we're hearing rumors that Rob is planning to write a tell-all book to expose the Kardashians' deepest, darkest secrets.


Kris Jenner is apparently so worried that Rob will spill his guts to a publisher that she's prepared to take legal action if she needs to. According to a source close to the family, the Keeping Up With the Kardashians stars have more than a few nasty little secrets, and they could destroy the family if they got out.

"Everyone knows that if Rob wrote a book, it would be an absolute gold mine," the insider told Radar. "But Kris is willing to do whatever is needed to stop him and is prepared to fire off a cease and desist letter if she finds out that he is going to really start the process of doing this book."

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Rob has been acting really strange toward his family recently, especially when it comes to his big sister Kim Kardashain. He skipped her wedding last year, and just this last weekend posted a picture of Rosamund Pike as psychopathic murderer Amy Dunne covered in blood, and captioned it, "My sister Kim, the b*tch from Gone Girl."

Rob is apparently pissed at his mom for taking Kim's side in the feud, and knows that writing a tell-all would be one way to get back at her. The source revealed, "Kris does not want to have to do this to her son, but this book would be such a slap in the face and undoubtedly a best-seller."

It's hard to believe that a family that seems as tight-knit as this one would betray each other like this, but there is definitely something going on with Rob. We're just hoping they can work it out themselves, without having to take each other to court.

Would you read a tell-all book about the Kardashians if Rob wrote it?


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