Faith Hill Kicks Tim McGraw Out of the House in Latest Divorce 'News'

Faith Hill Tim McGrawWe've been hearing about the Faith Hill and Tim McGraw "divorce" for awhile now and yet the two remain defiantly paired up, but could it be for realz this time? A "family insider" swears to Star magazine that Faith recently kicked Tim out of the house and nooooooo could the reason be true?


The supposed insider told the gossip mag:

She kicked him out of the house. It’s been a long time coming, but she’s finally realized she can’t continue to live this life.

But what, WHAT did Tim do that's so bad? Unfortunately it has nothing to do with dirty socks, just dirty behavior. The source claims:

Faith has been hearing stories about him fooling around, and she confronted him about it. He denied it, but she kept yelling. Even if he isn’t lying, though, she’s suddenly at this point where she just wants him out.

Oh, really, Faith? No evidence, no proof, and you're gonna kick your man to the curb?! Of course, there's a very good chance that none of these rumors are true, I mean, how often do we have to hear them and yet the couple stay together?!

Divorce speculation heated up when each star appeared to have lost a lot of weight -- but Faith reportedly had an operation on a herniated disc, so maybe it's just that. As for Tim, maybe he just wanted to lose weight? Not every weight loss is a marital disaster.

But the source says that Faith was terrified her medical issues would be the end of her career, and that Tim annoyed her by acting "like it was no big deal." Hmmm. You know how couples get after a long time together, it's like, "Honey, just deal, okay? Now give up the remote."

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The source insists that the two might have to announce their separation soon, but something tells me we'll be waiting a long time. As Faith once said about these persistent divorce rumors, "I don't know why happy can't be a story."

Do you think they are truly on the rocks? Again?


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