Kate Middleton's Alleged Ultrasound Photo Is Quite Disturbing

Kate Middleton

Every day, we're bombarded with gossip about the royal family, particularly Kate Middleton. Most of it is slightly believable and fun to read in a guilty pleasure kind of way. But the latest rumor -- and photo -- from the Globe takes things way too far. The mag claims they have a picture of Kate Middleton's ultrasound ... and that the baby is a girl! (You know you're kind of curious.)


The headline on the mag reads, "World Exclusive: First Photo! Kate’s Unborn Baby’s Incredible Ultrasound Image." Alongside of it, it shows a 3-D ultrasound, which, let's get real here, more likely than not isn't the Duchess' baby.

Unless all those alien invasions are real, the Globe certainly isn't known for their hard journalism. But, this really is taking things to a new low. I mean, whose baby is that? It's doubtful that the royal family reads this crap, but I can't imagine if they were made aware of this, they would be pleased.

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We'll obviously never know if this is in fact Kate Middleton's sonogram (my money's on no), but one thing is for sure: The baby rumors are going to keep coming until the newest member of the royal family is born. But, please, Globe, no more ultrasound photos. It's just ... too much. Even for you.

Do you think this is Kate's ultrasound?


Image via KP/NW/Splash News

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