Brandi Glanville Prays for LeAnn Rimes -- Can She Get an Amen?

Brandi GlanvilleIf you had to pick who Brandi Glanville would be praying for, the last person who'd come to mind is LeAnn Rimes, the woman who stole her husband, amiright? But Glanville recently admitted that when she's praying on flights, she has added LeAnn to her "flight prayer." Listen up.


Brandi wrote on her RHOBH blog:

My prayers go out to the families and loved ones of the downed German airliner in the French Alps this morning. I cannot imagine the pain being experienced by these families at this moment, which shockingly has led me to add a new person into my flight prayer children’s stepmom. Don’t get me wrong--not everything is yet copasetic, but my children love her, so she is now in the “flight prayer,” differences aside.

Now, I think it's really great that Brandi has finally come to a place where she's praying for LeAnn. It's kind of like the ritual of metta that Buddhists have, where they send out good wishes to everyone, even their mortal enemies, and wish them happiness. This sort of reminds me how people will say that they'll pray for their spouse's murderer.

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But I guess it all depends what Brandi says in this prayer. Like maybe it goes something like this:

Dear Lord, I pray for the soul of LeAnn Rimes, the woman who had an affair with my ex-husband. I pray for her soul because her soul really needs it, Lord. In fact, I can't think of anyone whose soul needs it more. I pray that she doesn't come to some horrific and torturous end, because that would be just wrong -- and I'd probably get blamed for it. I pray that she gets that eating disorder under control and stops denying it, because Lord, we all know she has one. And Lord, I pray that this flight makes it safely to its destination and doesn't crash into LeAnn's house or anything like that. But if it does, I pray it takes her out swiftly and painlessly. Thank you, Lord.

Aww, kinda sweet, right? In a kinda scary way?


Image via Brandi Glanville/Twitter

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