​Kourtney Kardashian & Scott Disick's Rumored Split Might Cost Her Everything

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Yikes. Sounds like things aren't good under the Kardashian-Disick roof right now. According to reports, Kourtney Kardashian and Scott Disick are in the middle of an uber-messy breakup. Supposedly, Kourtney made up her mind that she was done with Scott before his last (super quick) stint in rehab, and now that things are coming to a head, Scott may be lawyering up so he reaps a big payday from the break-up. Seriously, dude?


An insider told Life & Style magazine that, despite the fact that Scott loves fewer things in life more than spending cold hard cash, it's actually not his cash that he's spending -- it's Kourtney's. "He never uses his own cash," a source revealed. "Even when he buys his kids expensive things, he charges it on credit cards that Kourtney pays for." Kourtney apparently has had it with Scott's spending, among other things, and wants to end their relationship once and for all. However, it's being reported that even though the couple isn't married, this could be a wildly expensive split -- once to the tune of $50 million!

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The source went on to say, "He will fight for join custody of  the kids -- which basically means he wants to continue to get paid… Scott will hire the top lawyers in LA to take as much of Kourtney’s wealth as he possibly can." The thought of losing partial custody of her kids is, understandably, terrifying for Kourtney, but supposedly she just can't go on paying for Scott.

I find it a little hard to believe that Kourtney would ever do anything to jeopardize seeing her kids every day, but man, sounds like she's in a really hard spot right now. Having to finance Scott's lavish lifestyle? No thanks.

Hopefully, this is just gossip and Scott is actually getting his act together -- not just for his family, but for himself. Also, Scott is completely delusional if he thinks he's walking away from this breakup with a $50 million check. LOL, dude. LOL.

Do you feel bad for Kourtney?


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