'Fifty Shades of Grey' Fate Up In the Air As Major Movie-Making Changes Announced

Huge Fifty Shades of Grey news today: director Sam Taylor-Johnson and screenwriter Kelly Marcel will NOT be returning to work on the sequel Fifty Shades Darker. What happened?!


Even though Jamie Dornan and Dakota Johnson have confirmed they will be reprising the roles that have made them global icons, what they have right now is a ship without a captain because Universal Pictures has to start from scratch again and find a new director and writer. We aren't sure if Taylor-Johnson and Marcel jumped overboard or were thrown off the plank, but either way, the studio must be freaking at this stage of the game.

I mean, Fifty Shades has raked in over $500 million since its Valentine's Day weekend release. There's no way on earth folks at the studio aren't on fire to find adequate replacements so they can continue to cash in on the enormous success of E.L. James' trilogy.

And, speaking of E.L. James ... are you thinking what I'm thinking?

We've heard rumors that James wants to write the script to Fifty Shades Darker herself and Taylor-Johnson hasn't beaten around the bush when asked whether she and the author got along. Bottom line: they didn't see eye to eye about many aspects of the film, including the number of sexy scenes that actually ended up in the movie.

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Fans shouldn't get too worked up just yet. Remember when Twilight director Catherine Hardwicke was replaced with Chris Weitz, despite the first film's insane success? There doesn't seem to be any rhyme or reason behind some of these decisions. Personalities clash and/or certain demands aren't met and—snip—an important person gets cut just like that.

It's a ruthless business. And it will be interesting to see what Universal and James decide to do going forward. This could mean an even better, steamier sequel—or a huge disappointment. Stay tuned.

Why do you think the director and screenwriter of Fifty Shades will not be returning for the sequel?


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