Truth About Kylie Jenner Posing for 'Playboy' Is Worse Than We Imagined

Kylie Jenner

When we first heard the naughty little rumor about Kylie Jenner possibly being in Playboy, we couldn't help but let out a huge sigh over how much living life in the spotlight has ruined her innocence. Making matters even worse is the suggestion that Kris Jenner will not only allow Kylie to be in the magazine, but is also the one who is trying to put the whole deal together in an effort to make Kylie a sex symbol.


A move like this is just so extreme, even for the Kardashians, which is why we were seriously hoping there is no chance in hell that it will actually happen.

But according to a new report from Hollywood Life, it sounds like Playboy is interested in Kylie posing for them, but only if certain rules are adhered to.

A source at Playboy allegedly claims:

Kris Jenner was a complete pain in the butt at Kim's shoot. She was in everyone's business, from the makeup artist to the photographer. If any Kardashian sister was invited to pose, we would gladly work with them on one condition ... no Kris Jenner on the premises!

Huh. Soooooo, Kris might be behind the whole idea of pimping out her youngest daughter scoring Kylie a Playboy deal, but the mag wants absolutely nothing to do with her. Seems fitting.

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But while once Kylie is 18, it's up to her to call the shots as far as whether or not she chooses to strip down for the publication, we can't help but wonder where her career will head after the fact. If you're in a nude photo feature at 18, what happens at 19? Or 20? Or ... 25? (Yikes.)

Granted, we probably shouldn't be all that shocked that she seems to be following in her big sister's footsteps, but still, it's just such a shame that she is in such a huge rush to kick her teenage years to the curb and dive head first into adulthood.

Why can't she just enjoy the last few years she has of being somewhat normal? The minute her boobs or bare butt or anything in between are officially out there for everyone to see, the Kylie Jenner we've come to know and love will cease to exist, and we'll basically have two Kim Kardashians on our hands. (The world just ain't ready for that.)

Do you think Kylie should pose for Playboy if she wants to?


Image via kyliejenner/Instagram

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