Kate Middleton's Feud With Prince Charles Goes Even Deeper Than We Thought

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It's been reported for a while that Prince Charles and Kate Middleton don't get along. The main reason, supposedly, has to do with the fact that Kate and her family are commoners -- and if there's one thing Prince Charles doesn't like, it's commoners. Now, however, sources are claiming that it's actually Camilla Parker-Bowles who's behind Charles' feud with the Duchess. Hmmm ...


According to a recent edition of the Globe, Charles has been irritated with the Duchess for some time now because he feels the Middleton family has more influence over his son, Prince George, than he does. But, evidently, it's Camilla who's stirring the pot. A source said, "During a joint appearance at Westminster Abbey for an event commemorating the British Commonwealth, Charles coldly turned his back on his son William’s wife after accusing her family of deliberately keeping him away from his grandson, George. But, Palace sources say Charles’ cunning second wife is the REAL reason for the Prince’s ruffled feathers." Whoa. If this is true, not cool, Camilla. Not cool at all.  

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It's also been reported that Carole Middleton isn't a fan of Camilla and that right there could be the crux of this whole thing. See, Charles feels that Kate's mom Carole intentionally tries to keep George from the royal family -- and his feelings may be warranted. An insider revealed, "Carole must be aware of the Duchess of Cornwall’s notorious boozing and sharp tongue, which is hardly appropriate for a young child to be around."

Who knows what's true and what isn't in this supposed feud, but if you believe the "where there's smoke, there's fire" theory, something's not right among the royal family. Hopefully, they'll sort everything out before baby number two arrives, though. Because if they don't, sounds like things could get real ugly.

Do you think the feud between Kate and the royals is legit?

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