Robert Pattinson's Girlfriend FKA Twigs Gives Birth To -- Well, You Just Have to See It (VIDEO)

Okay, well, we know that Robert Pattinson has interesting taste in women. He's definitely not the kind of guy to go for your average lingerie model. Kristen Stewart was very tough and fierce -- and his new galpal, singer FKA Twigs? Very, um, individualistic. Yep, that's one way of putting it. Have you seen her new video? If you ever wanted to know what it would look like if RPattz and Twigs had a baby and you were invited into the birthing room -- well, now you'll have somewhat of an idea ...


Check out Twiggy's new video for her song Glass & Patron:

Well, now you know what Twigs would look like pregnant. Just in case this is something you wanted to know. And perhaps RPattz's baby wouldn't look like a multicolored scarf, but you just never know with these two.

Did you catch some of the Twilight touches? Is it me or does that forest look like where Edward would take Bella? And what about that guy? C'mon, he looks like Rob!

And that birthing scene is reminiscent of when Bella birthed Edward's vampire spawn, amiright? Okay, maybe I'm stretching.

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Well, I can't say her music is my style, but I guess Rob likes it. One hopes anyway.


Image via Splash News

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