Kim Kardashian & Kanye West 'Photobomb' Heiress & It's Beyond Hilarious (PHOTO)

Kim KardashianIs it possible for Kim Kardashian to take a bad photo? Well, maybe not a bad photo. But a photo where she looks kinda like the harried average mom the rest of us are? You know, hair askew, distracted look, and bending over picking something off the floor? Well, yes, folks. Yes, it is. You have never seen Kim Kardashian like this ...


Alice Bamford was having lunch at chichi restaurant Nobu in Malibu, California, when she had someone take a pic of her and her baby ... and who should inadvertently Photobomb the pic? Why, the world's most photographed woman -- plus her husband, Kanye, and baby North West.

Erm, okay, it's quite possible that Bamford knew exactly what she was doing when she stepped in front of Kimye's table for a picture. I mean, c'mon! But Kim and Kanye don't seem to notice.

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What they do seem is so typical -- like any other overstressed parents lookin' kinda grumpy as North squirms in her high chair and Kim picks up whatever it was North just threw while Kanye glares and longs for baby-free days. Kanye is even sporting some major moobage. Ahh, stars. They're just like us.

Image via Map/Splash News and Alice Bamford/Instagram

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