Kate Middleton's Latest Clue on Baby's Gender Has Us Scratching Our Heads

Kate Middleton

Kate Middleton. That woman's a real sneaky one, I tell ya. The Duchess was spotted shopping for her new baby at Zara over the weekend, and you won't believe what she bought. Any guesses? A pair of white and beige leather booties! Way to keep it gender neutral, Kate! Either you enjoy messing with the public's mind, or you really don't know the sex of your next baby. (Or, you know, you just like white and beige.)


The Duke and Duchess have, understandably, been playing it close to the vest in terms of what their next child will be. It's been wildly speculated that Kate is pregnant with a girl, but on numerous occasions the royal couple has insinuated that they don't know the sex of their baby-to-be.

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Whatever Kate has, I could totally see him or her in a pair of white and beige booties. Prince George, as well as Kate herself, tend to veer towards more neutral, unflashy colors. It's hard to imagine Kate with a daughter who's decked out in pink, or a son who's in head-to-toe bright blue.

It will be exciting to find out whether George will have a little brother or sister in a few weeks. My money's on girl. And my money is also on those white and beige booties selling out ... if they haven't already.

Do you think Kate is having a boy or girl?


Image via James Whatling/Splash News

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