Truth About Rob Kardashian Dissing Kim Kardashian Is Stranger Than Fiction

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On Monday, Rob Kardashian posted an incredibly unsettling photo to his Instagram account -- a photo of a bloody Rosamund Pike from Gone Girl, along with the caption, "My sister Kim, the bitch from Gone Girl." Rob's been known to post weird, cryptic messages and pictures to social media before, but this one definitely took the cake. Now the reason behind Rob's post may have been revealed -- and it's actually more disturbing than the post itself.


According to Hollywood Life, there isn't a clear cut reason for Rob's post, but a source said that "Kim has been more likely to treat Rob with tough love" and give him time to "do what he needs to do" to get his life in order. However, the insider said, "She certainly didn’t do anything so harsh that it warranted that kind of response from Rob."

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Wow. If Rob posted something this graphic simply because Kim has been the one to give him tough love, something isn't right. It's understandable that he would be mad at her -- especially when some of his other sisters seem so affectionate towards him -- but, comparing her to a murderer over something like that isn't normal.

Hopefully, Rob will get it together here soon, because clearly he's off right now. Kim, or anyone in the Kardashian-Jenner clan, is yet to respond to Rob's Instagram -- and it's probably best that way. Adding fuel to this fire can't be a good idea. 

Do you think Rob needs help?


Image via London Entertainment/Splash News

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