Are Mila Kunis & Ashton Kutcher Married? Her Finger Holds the Clue (VIDEO)

Mila KunisWhat the hell is going on? Is Mila Kunis married to Ashton Kutcher or not? For some reason, the pair are keeping this a tighter secret than how many times Ashton cheated on Demi. I mean, this is a topper secret than the identity of Kim Kardashian's plastic surgeon. But seriously, folks, for some reason Mila and Ashton prefer to just drop hints about whether or not they're married, rather than just come out and say so like normal people. But did Mila finally 'fess up?


Mila appears on the premiere episode of the new The Late Late Show, which is newly-helmed by British comedian James Corden. As Tom Hanks sat on the couch next to her, Corden tried to get Mila to admit whether she was married. Take a look:

Mila, it's a marriage! It's not where Jimmy Hoffa's body is buried.

While this seems pretty definitive that Wyatt's parents have tied the knot, a source tells US Weekly that they're not married after all -- and that Corden was just joking around. Oh reaaaaallly? He didn't seem like he was joking to me. Plus, Mila kept saying "Maybe." Why she playin' us like that?

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Additionally, Mila is wearing something that looks like a wedding ring, because she's been photographed in it in the past.

Whatever, dudes, keep your dirty little secret. The truth shall set you free, though!

Do you think they're married? Do you care?


Image via Late Late Show with James Corden/YouTube


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