Kardashian Family's Concern Over Rob Leads Them to Do the Extreme

Oh geez. We've been speculating on Kim Kardashinan's relationship with her younger brother Rob Kardashian for years, but we thought it came to  head when he didn't show for her nuptials to Kanye West last May. He's sort of fallen off the radar among terrible rumors, but his latest stunt has apparently gone so far that the Kardashians have staged an intervention for Rob.


On Sunday, March 22, Rob Instagrammed this terrible picture along with the caption, "This is my sister kim , the bitch from Gone Girl,,,[sic]"

Of course anyone who has read the book or watched the movie knows that Amy Dunne is a total sociopath, so the fact that Rob would say that about Kim is just a tiny bit hugely concerning. 

Apparently it's not just the general public that thinks he's gone too far, but his family and loved ones as well.

According to an insider who told RadarOnline, "The Kardashian family urged Rob to take down the post, but he refuses to do so." The source also mentioned, "At this point, it is too late anyways."

"No one can believe that Rob would do such a thing as he did this weekend," the source dished. They continued, "It is one thing to talk to the family about how he feels about Kim, but it is a completely different story to put her on blast like he did. Kim would never do such a thing to Rob, or to any of her other siblings for that matter."

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Oyza, what is going on with Rob Kardashian? He's had his ups and downs, but why would he attack Kim like this? It's got to be a cry for help, right? He knows he's a public figure; he had to figure his family would come after him with an intervention.

Let's hope that there is some sort of intervention for Rob -- off camera. He's never been one to go for the limelight, and given his social media profile, there are obviously some raw feelings there. Just because he has lashed out in public is no reason for his struggle to be taken in that direction.

Obviously Rob needs some sort of help, and even though the Kardashians love to live their lives on camera, let's hope that they take the initiative to take care of him and get him the help he needs -- even if that means an intervention.

Do you think Rob Kardashian is going off the rails?


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