Jon Hamm Mourns End of 'Mad Men': What's Next After Don Draper?

Jon HammAMC's game changing award-winning show Mad Men enters its final season in April, and that means one thing: No more Don Draper. No one is more aware of this than the man who plays him, Jon Hamm. And, yeah, he's a bit worried. Hamm told GQ that he's not even sure he'll still have a career after Mad Men folds. While that might sound incredible, it's also realistic. For every TV star who goes on to movie fame, there are dozens who end up competing for slots on Celebrity Rehab.


Hamm told GQ:

The one constant thing I've had in my career is now removed. And that's an eye-opener: Are people still going to take me seriously? Am I just going to do romantic comedies for the rest of my life? What's next? And I don't know, you know? I wish I was smug enough to have had a grand plan.

Hamm will probably have less difficulty adjusting to life outside of cable TV than most: For one, he's movie star handsome and still at the age where he can get leading man roles. For two, he's also got a comic sensibility, as he proves in stints on SNL, Parks and Recreation, and in Bridesmaids, so he can play something other than dark and brooding. Plus, if things get really desperate, he's got that famous thing in his pants, right? He can always turn to -- oh, kidding, people!! It is sexist to bring up anything in his pants! Sheesh. (But Jon was a set designer for porno films. Just sayin'.)

Currently, he seems to be sticking to the small screen, with roles in The Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt and a reboot of Wet Hot American Summer for Netflix.

The thing that will keep Jon Hamm working is that, at heart, he's a character actor -- he just has the face of a matinee idol.

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And it sounds like in some ways he is glad to see Don Draper go. He told GQ:

You’re kind of hoping for redemption, and it’s not forthcoming.… To consistently come in and be the bummer was always like, 'Oh, that’s not fun.'

Well, it was fun for us, Don Jon. We'll see you soon, and it won't be on Celebrity Rehab! 'Kay?

Do you think Jon Hamm will have a career after Mad Men?


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