Kate Middleton's Special Day With Prince George Is Exactly What She Needed

kate middleton

The Duchess may be finished with her public appearances for the time being, but she's definitely not finished with mommy duty. In fact, she seems to be on overdrive right now! A few days ago, Kate Middleton took Prince George to London's Science Museum. The museum was closed to the public at the time, likely so Kate and her little boy could have some quality time without being bothered. So sweet!


Apparently, the future queen and her son spent most of their time playing Pattern Pod, an interactive gallery for children, at the museum. According to a source, "They seemed to enjoy themselves. It's lovely that she feels she can bring George here."

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It sounds like Kate is trying to pack in as much one-on-one time with her son as possible before baby number two arrives. I'm sure right now she's so happy that she doesn't have to worry about work obligations anymore. From here on out, I'm guessing it's going to be all about resting as much as possible and bonding with Prince George.

The Duchess is reportedly due "mid to the end of April," so it won't be long now that she and William are the parents to two -- such an exciting time! Can't wait to see what fun things she treats her children to in the future. Though I must say, an entire museum to yourself is going to be hard to top!

Do you think Kate is having a boy or a girl?


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