Dakota Johnson & Jamie Dornan Do Not Agree When It Comes to 'Fifty Shades'

A lot of people are torn over whether they think Fifty Shades of Grey is a sexy love story or insanely inappropriate film that promotes violence and abuse against women. It seems the movie's stars, Jamie Dornan and Dakota Johnson, are on opposite teams when it comes to their feelings on the subject—and you're going to be shocked when you find out which actor thinks the sex scenes are no biggie. 


Johnson, who plays the meek Anastasia Steele, a young woman who some say is forced to endure painful sexual encounters at the hands of Dornan's Christian Grey, thinks everyone needs to take a chill pill. Johnson has said that Ana is not weak or a victim, but that she is a willing participant in all of Grey's sadistic sex acts.

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To drive her point home, Johnson has even gone as far as describing people who think her character is a victim of domestic abuse as having an "uneducated opinion" and says she has learned enough about the "BDSM world" to be able to spot the difference between a person who is being mistreated and one who is deriving pleasure from pain.

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Point taken. I have to say, I agree with her and, more importantly, feel like everyone is making a big deal about a fantasy. 50 Shades doesn't promote violence any more than Romeo and Juliet promotes suicide. It's art and has the right to make a statement. If you don't like the message or delivery, don't watch it.

But it's difficult to say where Dornan stands on the matter. The actor hasn't come out and said 50 Shades promotes violence, but he has made it known that he feels his character is a "psychopath." Now, hold on just a red-hot second. If Ana and Christian are sharing a mutual enjoyment of their sex acts, shouldn't we assume that Christian is a healthy young man who simply likes a bit of kink?

Is Dornan trying to tell us that his character's behavior toward women is not normal ... maybe, even abusive?

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Look, I'm reading between the lines. But I find it interesting that, as an actor, one of Dornan's jobs is to find what makes his character human and be able to empathize with that side of him, even if there are other parts of his personality that are odd or twisted. If Dornan is convinced Christian Grey is a psychopath, should we believe his actions toward Ana are only coming from a dark place?

Like I mentioned before, at the end of the day, I could care less whether Grey is mentally stable or not. If you enjoy watching the films and reading the books, allow yourself to be swept away in the fantasy. But it's very interesting to hear that the movie's two stars are not on the same page when it comes to Grey.

Do you side more with Dakota or Jamie when it comes to their opinions of the film and Christian Grey?


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