Kanye West Cancels Public Appearance & Divorce Rumors Spread

Kanye West cancelled a recent appearance on Jimmy Kimmel Live because he and Kim Kardashian are definitely, maybe, probably not, seconds away from getting a divorce.


Here's the most far-fetched rumor we've heard in a while about the couple: Kanye was supposed to be a guest on the Jimmy Kimmel show Friday night. Kimmel asked him to read mean tweets about himself, which is a very popular game he often plays with guests in which they simply, you know, read mean and embarrassing tweets about themselves, which sounds a little like Kanye's personal version of hell.

Kanye suddenly backed out of the appearance and had to be replaced with singer Willie Nelson with no explanation provided. Many people are convinced this must be because he knew a lot of the tweets would address his rumored split with wife Kim and he totally doesn't want to deal.

Right. Imma let you finish, but first let me take a wild guess about what actually happened here: Kanye had a conflict in his schedule because he's Kanye and has a busy schedule. But if that isn't saucy enough, here's a sexier theory: Kanye doesn't have the best sense of humor when it comes to ripping on himself and had no interest in participating in mean tweets.

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Either one of those guesses is 100,000 times more plausible than Kanye splitting from a woman whose naked images he recently posted on Twitter, along with a message that proves he knows what he's got:

Please. The man worships this woman.

Add to that the fact that Kim and Kanye have been having sex every second they aren't sleeping in the hopes of giving little North a brother and sister and you have a very silly rumor indeed.

We're not sure if these two will celebrate their 50th wedding anniversary together (best of luck to them that they do), but neither of them is going anywhere anytime soon.

Why do you think Kanye cancelled Jimmy Kimmel's show? Is there truth to their divorce rumor?


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