Unmarried Duggar Was Caught Kissing a Boy In Public (PHOTO)

Michelle and Jim Duggar have probably held three family meetings in the last hour alone to deal with the latest family controversy. Yes, I used the words "controversy" and "Duggar" in the same sentence because, get this: a Duggar family member who is not married was pictured kissing a boy who looks like a total hipster ... right on his hipster LIPS.


You must have already guessed which rebel Duggar was caught smooching a guy: kickass Amy Duggar, of course, who is Jim Bob's niece. So, apparently, Amy has been dating this hottie Dillon King for only four months and has yet to commit to a lifetime of babies and housework. The nerve of some women! Anywhere, here she is, kissing with abandon like no 27-year-old female has ever done:

Brief history about Amy, who is an aspiring country music singer: all you really need to know, in a nutshell,  is that she could give a flying flip what the Duggar's think of her dating, kissing ways. She and Dillon have kissed in public before:

Just another day at the office. @amyduggar

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And, while she considers herself a woman of faith, she doesn't hold back when it comes to her feelings about folks who pretend they are holier than thou:

Couldn't have said it better!! @earldibblesjr �

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So, basically, we love her.

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Amy has admitted in interviews that she feels like her uncle, aunt, and cousins live in a "bubble" and that she can't imagine meeting a man and abiding by their strict courting rules, which include absolutely no touching or kissing before marriage.

She also has zero interest in making the world believe she is perfect or that the fact that she is a Christian exonerates her from any wrongdoing. She is just a young woman living her life on her own terms, as she should be because she isn't a little girl.

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I really hope Amy takes Jana Duggar under her wing and encourages the eldest Duggar daughter to get a college education and move away from home. Maybe they can get an apartment together and post selfies of their fun parties—how many seconds do you think it would it take for Jim Bob to drag his unmarried daughter back home?

Should Amy be so open about how different she is from the other Duggar women?


Images via Amy Duggar/Instagram

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