Kate Middleton Birth Rumors Are Already Starting to Swirl

Kate Middleton

Gah. Apparently some folks are completely incapable of being patient. Even though she recently revealed that her baby is due in mid to late April, would you believe there are certain "publications" reporting that Kate Middleton has already given birth to her second child?


Yep. In what probably shouldn't come as a huge surprise, both Life & Style and OK! magazine have Kate plastered on the covers of their latest respective issues, complete with headlines about her "delivery room drama."

According to Life & Style, Kate not only gave birth a baby girl, but she also had a "last minute C-section scare," some sort of family feud in the delivery room. Oh, and they apparently even have details of Prince George's first meeting with his new baby sister. (Nice touch.)

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As far as OK! magazine is concerned, Kate's mom, Carole Middleton, allegedly lost her sh** in the delivery room, making all sorts of waves with the royals.

Um, rumors surrounding Kate and her pregnancy are kind of a dime a dozen these days, but seriously, where do the tabloids come up with this stuff? Don't they realize there's going to be a HUGE and official announcement from the Palace when the new baby makes his or her entrance? It's not like they're going to try and hide it or anything, so it just seems pretty ballsy to go ahead and report a birth that hasn't even happened yet.

Poor Kate. She can't even get through the remaining weeks of her pregnancy without every single aspect of her life being picked apart in the media. It may look pretty glamorous on paper, but man, being a princess is a real drag sometimes.

Do you honestly think the Palace would hide a birth?


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