Scott Disick Checks Out of Rehab As Fast As He Checked In

Scott DisickOMG, what?! It seemed like Scott Disick was once again getting serious about his sobriety when he recently checked into rehab in Costa Rica, but sources tell RadarOnline that as soon as he checked in ... he checked right back out!


Despite the fact that the rehab clinic was in beautiful Costa Rica and sounded more like a spa than anything else, Scott apparently couldn't handle the transition to sobriety and as soon as he came in the front door, he went right out the back. Says a source:

Scott just didn’t believe he had a problem, and thought he didn’t need to be there ... Scott needs to be in rehab for at least 90 days. The fact he is boasting he will be back from rehab in a week is very, very concerning.

Erm, it sounds like all Scott did was get a good night's sleep.

Well, perhaps it's for the best. The center is supposed to have some controversial methods of detox, and rumor has it they can be dangerous. Maybe Scott just realized this wasn't the best method for him.

This is Scott's fourth trip to rehab, and obviously it's not working. Maybe he just needs to go the good old-fashioned route and join Alcoholics Anonymous. Step One: Admit you are powerless over alcohol, Scott, and your life has become unmanageable.

But then there's the weird rumor that Scott actually just did this for the publicity and was actually paid to be there -- huh? Who would sink so low as to enter rehab for a bit of cash?

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Let's hope that Scott continues to seek out help -- he's got three kids counting on having a dad in the future!

What should Scott do next?

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