Kardashians Were Last to Know About Bruce's Transition Plans

bruce jenner kardashian familyThere was once a time the Jenners and the Kardashians were a happy blended family who seemed to tell each other everything -- and they shared it all with the world, too. But things have changed with time and a sad bombshell was dropped revealing that the Kardashians -- Kim, Khloe, and Kourtney -- were the last to know about Bruce's transition.


Bruce was married to Kris for 23 years -- he helped raise Kim, Kourt, and Khloe since they were grade school kids. But for some reason, he didn't share anything about his transgender journey with the Kardashians in the beginning, says a source close to the family. It was said that his kids from previous marriages -- Burt, Cassandra, Brandon, and Brody -- knew about it for years first. It's unclear when he told Kendall and Kylie, his daughters with Kris.

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I feel for Bruce. He's going through a lot, and they are things that typically would be private for the average person. But his life is anything but right now. This includes his divorce from Kris and his kids always in the news. Plus, his car accident. Could you imagine if the media reported on everything that happened to you? His every move is being watched. He always struck me as a more private person than the rest and he kind of got swooped into the Kardashian fame. He's got people following him and guessing his every move and analyzing it. So not telling the Kardashian girls makes sense in a way. Maybe he was trying to de-Kardashian himself. Maybe he wasn't ready to risk it being so public. He's human. Some things he needs to keep to himself or share with very few -- at least until he was ready to share with all. Maybe he lumped the Kardashians into it all tying into the show and the constant flashbulbs of everyone knowing (or thinking they know) everything.

Still, it has to be difficult to know that your step-father didn't share something so important with you, and so I also feel for Kim, Khloe, and Kourtney. They're such a close family and to tell some kids before others would be hard to accept. It's his transition and his choice, but I wouldn't blame them if they felt a little hurt. I hope they talk to him with an open heart, and I hope they are able to get through all of this together. Because at times like this, the support of family is really important. 

Why do you think Bruce chose to wait to tell the Kardashian girls last?

Image via Kris Jenner/Instagram

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