Kate Middleton Takes on Insane Parenting Task While Pregnant

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Kate Middleton is a brave woman. Not only is she pregnant with her second baby before her son is even two, the Duchess is potty training right now! Seriously, Kate? If there ever was a crazy time to try to get your little one to pee and poo in the toilet, now's it, sister! You're gonna be going one step forward, two steps back with this one!


According to People, when the Duchess visited Brookhill Children's Centre in London's Woolwich on Wednesday, she was given a gift by a well-wisher: A potty training book. After receiving the present, Kate reported laughed and said, "Oh that's perfect."

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Although it would obviously be great for the Duke and Duchess to have their eldest wearing big boy undies by the time his little brother or sister arrives, man, it's exhausting to potty train when you're eight months pregnant! Also, there's a pretty big chance that little Georgie will regress once the baby gets here if he does happen to master the potty beforehand.

It's always so great hearing about all the "regular mom" things Kate Middleton deals with. Sure, she's got significantly more help than the rest of us, but she's certainly a hands-on mom and definitely is affected by everything her child does.

If Prince George gets the hang of potty training now, that would be great. But, Will and Kate ought to be prepared for a few accidents once their little bundle arrives. It certainly would be helpful to not have two kids in diapers, but I wouldn't be throwing out those size 5's just yet, Kate.

Do you think it's a bad idea for Kate to start potty training now?


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