Kim Kardashian's Weird Beauty Ritual May Be Hurting Her Pregnancy Odds​

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Kim Kardashian has let it be known -- loud and clear -- that she and Kanye are trying anything and everything to get pregnant again. The reality star aired all of her dirty laundry on the season 10 premiere of Keeping Up With the Kardashians, where she was seen visiting a fertility specialist, along with telling her sisters that she and her husband "have sex 500 times a day." But now an expert is speaking out on the fact that something she has been doing -- and Instagramming -- might not be good if Kim is trying to get pregnant.


Kim's waist training. You know that ridiculous, super-tight corset Kim (and Khloe and even Kourtney) are always wearing and posting pictures of? Yeah, it's doubtful that it will affect Kim's fertility, but it can't be good for her and who knows about the long-term effects!

Hollywood Life spoke to a few experts on the subject, and one doctor said, "Waist training will not effect a woman’s fertility, but I would caution against using such a devise to an extreme." Hmm ... Kim definitely seems to be erring on the side of "extreme" when it comes to her waist trainer. She's constantly wearing that thing and god only knows for how long each time.

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It doesn't look like Kim's waist training is the thing that's stopping her from getting pregnant, but it certainly might not hurt (no pun intended) to quit using that thing. It definitely isn't helping matters, that's for sure.

Hopefully, Kim will get pregnant again soon and Nori will have an adorable baby brother or baby sister. And then Kim can go back to her waist training and other strange beauty rituals. Until, you know, she wants to try for baby number 3.

Good luck, guys! Have fun trying!

Do you think Kim's waist trainer is a bad idea?


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