Kim Kardashian's Blond Hair Might Already Be a Thing of the Past (PHOTO)

Kim Kardashian

Huh. That was fast. In a move that will surprise exactly no one, it appears as though Kim Kardashian is a brunette again, or at least that's what we're assuming based on a photo that was posted to Instagram by makeup artist Mario Dedivanovic.


While we can't be certain whether or not the woman in the photo is actually Kim, it's a definite possibility, and as you can see, there is not one strand of blond hair left on her head.

Brunette vibes today on set � guess who? #MakeupByMario

A photo posted by Mario Dedivanovic � (@makeupbymario) on

OMG. Based on the butt, this has to be Kim, right? The style of outfit this woman is wearing appears to be something straight out of her closet, so it's probably safe to assume that she's gone back to a more natural look -- if the blond hair was ever real in the first place.

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While she very well could've had her stylists transform her hue, rumors popped up insisting Kim was sporting a wig, which would make going back to brown a whole lot easier and faster process.

But if she was accused of wearing a blond wig, isn't it also possible that the long, darker locks we see in this picture could also be just as fake as fake hair gets?

Ugh. I guess we won't know for sure what shade she's rocking these days until she graces us with a brand new selfie. Given Kim's inability to hold back when it comes to what she posts on Instagram, it's probably only a matter of hours before we know what her hair color is for sure.

Do you think Kim ditched her blond hair?


Image via KimKardashian/Instagram

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