Kylie Jenner Channels Kim Kardashian in Super Sexy Monokini (PHOTO)

Is Kylie Jenner officially trying to become the younger, more famous version of her older sister Kim Kardashian? She certainly seem to be taking over her style recently, managing to look like a mini-me version of her big sis. Kylie's latest look in a sexy monokini makes her look more like Kim than ever!


The gossip is that Kylie thinks she has more to offer the world than Kim, and the 17-year-old Keeping Up With the Kardashian star is determined to become more popular than her. 

Which doesn't really explain why she's been channeling Kim's style so often recently, since if she's trying to go off and do her own thing, why would she want to look just like Kim? But take a look at Kylie's super hot bathing suit, and see what you think.

Doesn't this looks like just the sort of thing Kim would wear for a photoshoot? Or you know, just hanging around the pool with North snapping selfies?

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Kylie was also recently photographed wearing a sheer shirt which showed off her black bra, just a week or so after Kim was spotted wearing the same look at Paris Fashion Week. And their hair? Kylie's may be a dark brunette to Kim's current platinum blonde, but the shoulder length bob styles they've been sporting are very similar.

With how much she's been channeling Kim's style recently, we're more inclined to think Kylie just admires her big sister's style, and isn't actually trying to take over her life.

What do you think of Kylie's monokini look?


Images via Kylie Jenner/Instagram & Mariotto/

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