Kate Middleton's Final Appearance Before Baby Is Absolutely Adorable (PHOTO)

kate middleton

Get a good look at Kate Middleton, people, because it's going to be a long time before you see her again. Also, you might want to take a mental picture of her baby bump, as the next time you lay your eyes on her it'll be gone. According to reports, the Duchess made her final appearance on Tuesday when she visited the 1st Battalion Irish Guards for the annual St. Patrick's Day parade in Aldershot, England.


Kate, of course, looked stunning, and she cleverly decided to forgo a traditional green dress in favor of a beautiful gray coat and sweet shamrock broach. The Duchess appeared to be in exceptionally good spirits, laughing during the service and chatting with children who were in attendance.

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Although no one knows the Duchess' exact due date -- besides, you know, her -- she's reportedly set to give birth some time in April. Some reports are claiming she'll welcome the newest royal in the first half of the month, while others are saying she could go as late as April 20. Either way, it could be any day now, and I'm sure Kate will be happy to be able to hang up her fascinator for a bit and focus on planning for baby number two. 

kate middleton

Once Kate goes into hiding, we'll obviously all be chomping at the bit, wondering when she's going to emerge again (with a sweet little bundle in her arms!). My money's on April 10 -- not sure why, but it is. What do you think?

Even though the Duchess will be disappearing from the public eye for a bit, she'll likely be back to her usual royal engagements not long after her baby is born. She was up and at 'em fairly quickly with George, and now that she's a seasoned mama, I'm betting she'll be ready to get back to work even quicker.

Good luck, Kate. Enjoy these exciting last days of your pregnancy. Can't wait to meet the newest member of the Wales family!

Do you think Kate is having a boy or a girl?


Images via GoffPhotos.com; James Whatling/Splash News

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